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Transmission Line

    Transmission Line

Similar to the substation projects, the company has obtained splendid results in transmission line projects up to 500kV, hence becoming one of the world’s renowned contractors. Indeed, we possess rich experiences in power lines construction and project management. This, together with the state-of-the-art design principles, solid design capabilities, mature construction techniques and fine facilities, enables us to satisfy our customers fully in terms of project schedules and quality. We has also won the praise of our customers when performing exceptionally well under rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions.

Turn-Key Project for Tayabas——Naga 500kV EHV Transmission Line, 205km in Philippines

Philippines Tayabas——Naga Transmission Line

Construction by advanced tension wiring equipment

Transportation of tower members using helicopters to ensure smooth project delivery

Turn-Key Project Leyte——Cebu 230kV HVAC Overhead Transmission Line, 53km In Philippines

Pres. Ramos at the switch-on ceremony

Tower foundation construction

View of Philippines Leyte——Cebu Transmission Line

Turn-Key Project for Leyte——Bohol Interconnection Project: 138kV/69kV Substation and 138kV Transmission line, 112km in Philippines

Xian Electric signing the contract on the Leyte——Bohol Interconnection Project with TRANCO

Full Scale Tower Test Leyte-Bohol Project

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