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Technical Exchange

    Technical Exchange

 Being China National AC & DC research and testing base for high voltage and high power,China XD Group has conducted technical exchange and cooperation with international counterparts. The R&D organizations under China XD Group are the members of IEC and CIGRE, they are in charge of the corresponding technical committees in China,such as IEC TC17, IEC TC42,etc.While acting as the international secretariats of IEC TC28.

   With our advanced technology, experts, top-ranking testing equipment and abundant experience in manufacturing, China XD Group is working on developing the products for ±800kV UHVDC,1000KV UHVAC system, and has provided the key equipment for the first 1000 kv UHVAC transmission project Jin Dongnan to Jingmen and the first ±800kv UHVDC transmission project Yunnan to Guangzhou in China.

The maximum testing capacity is as below:
   High current test: 21kA power frequency current for long-term temperature rise test, 140kA rated short-time withstand current (4s,peak) and 350kA rated peak withstand current.
   High power test: 550KV/63KA whole pole, 800KV/63KA half pole synthetic test as well as all kinds of tests for 800kV apparatus.
   High voltage test: test on AC transmission and distribution equipment with the highest voltage up to 1000kV, and test on DC transmission equipment with the highest voltage up to ±800kV.

1100kV HGIS in service at Jingmen Substation in Hubei province
DZ-40000/1000kV UHV transformer being operated at the site of Wuhan UHV Testing Circuit
Self-manufactured the first 610MVA 1700kV testing transformer in China
BKDF-320Mvar 1000kV reactor
XD power capacitor's 1000kV exceptional high-voltage CVT equipment standing in NanYang city
1000kV porcelain housed MOA
1100kV UHV Disconnector
1100kV Earth Switch under installation
1100kV Outdoor Solid Core Post Insulator
Synthetic Circuit Hall
Oscillating Circuit
6500MVA Impulse Generator
Artificial climate chamber with three parameters 8m in dia. 8m high
1000kV Testing Chamber
1500kV DC voltage generator
2250kV power-frequency testing transformer

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